Dohjoy is on a mission to make good bread something everyone can (and should) eat again.

Steeped in meaning, symbolism, history and memories, bread has nourished the body and soul for millennia.

Meet the women behind DohJoy: Sarah (the scientist), Julie (the sales and business woman), and Sarah (the creative).

Who We Are

Julie grew up loving bread (didn't we all?), but not the pounds that she kept gaining from eating it. Finally, Julie plead with Sarah for help. Sarah dug into the science to figure out how to make a bread without sugar that still rises and has all the flavor and texture of traditional wheat bread. After many, many iterations, Sarah perfected a recipe with the precise balance of ingredients that delivered incredible taste with all the nutrition of the healthiest bread on the market, and virtually no carbs or sugar.

Julie wasn’t the only person overjoyed by Sarah’s work. Her other friend and business partner, also named Sarah, took it home to her husband, Tonhy, who had recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. He ate it, loved it, couldn’t believe it, so he tested his blood sugar. There was virtually no glycemic response immediately nor hours after eating it.

Seeing the potential of this bread to help so many people, Julie, Sarah and Sarah launched Dohjoy. The Dohjoy team is driven by the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy good bread every day.

Low Carb & Delicious Real Bread

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