Our Why

Because Everyone Should Be Able to Enjoy Good Bread Again

I made Dohjoy for anyone on any type of health journey, especially those who are managing diabetes, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance, affecting more than 30 million adults in the United States. So many of my loved ones live with diabetes - and the complications that come from it. I, too, have struggled with weight and blood sugar over the years.

I believe food can be the medicine to cure this disease - foods packed with nutrition, but as few calories, sugar and empty carbs as possible. For me, it had to start with bread, my favorite food, and the one so many people have entirely removed from their diets because “carbs are bad.”

Not all carbs are bad. Fiber-rich carbs are good - and sorely missing in the American diet. I set out to make a bread that’s full of fiber and protein, all in just 50 calories per slice, with the taste of the home-made bread and baked goods my grandma used to make.

As a food product maker, I knew it was possible. I called on some crazy talented people with baking and science expertise, and after years of trial and error, we perfected a recipe for a hearty and wholesome bread, with virtually no sugar or net carbs, that matches the flavor and texture of my grandma’s bread.

I called my bread Dohjoy, because that’s how it feels to know the bread you love, loves your body back.