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Low-carb, low-calorie, flavorful real bread.

Inside every bite is an innovative blend of ingredients that delivers traditional bread flavor and texture with virtually no carb impact or glycemic response.

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Where to Buy

DohJoy is available at the fine retailers below. You can also find us at Cincinnati area farmer's markets on the weekends.

Market Schedule
  • Jungle Jim's

  • Madison's at Findlay Market

  • Pipkin's Market

  • The Citrus Tree

  • Oakley Kitchen

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Made to be Loved

What happens when people break bread together? Joy happens. And that’s exactly what happened when we, the women behind DohJoy, came together to create the world’s best tasting light bread. Dissatisified with every low-carb bread on the market, we created a recipe that made light bread delicious - so delicious, we knew we had to make it available to everyone missing bread in their lives. We’re just getting started, so follow us on our journey as we help people break bread together again.

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